2022 Series

The 2022 TOSWA Shadeview Swim Series will comprise 4 swims with short and long and  distance options. 

This year the Junior Giants events will give the opportunity for kids aged 10 to 13 years to compete with swimmers their own age.

The series will have some great prizes from our series sponsor Shadeview, and cash prizes for short and long course series winners!

Competitors will accumulate points according to distance and number of swims completed.  Competitors will gain more points completing all short, or all long distances, but can mix up short and long distance swims if they choose.  Competitors doing the series need to register for each race individually.


The Salt 66 Magnetic Island to Townsville swim rounds out the year of open water swimming in Townsville with an 8km crossing of Cleveland Bay from Picnic Bay on Magnetic island to Strand Park in Townsville.

Age Groups

Junior Giants - aged 10 to 13 years 

Short and long distance age groups

14 to 16 yr male and female

17 to 19 yr male and female

20 to 29 yr male and female

30 to 39 yr male and female

40 to 49 yr male and female

50 to 59 yr male and female

60 + male and female

Minimum age for Magnetic Island to Townsville Swim

12 years for team event

14 years for solo event

peace sign swimmer.jpg

Qualifying for the Maggie Island Swim

Swimmers can use the 2022 Strand Swim Qualifier (race #3) to achieve qualifying time,

or provide evidence of a 4km timed swim via smart device completed within the last 6 months,

or published results from a  4km swim completed within the last 6 months.


Qualifying time for solo swim - 4km in less than 1hr 35min

Qualifying time for team swim - 2km in less than 47.5min


Entries close 6 July 2022